Large Clock Controller

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Sometimes a large clock simply won't do, and you would like to make a clock that occupies an entire wall of your apartment, or you want a WordClock for your shopping mall!

We have designed a special WordClock Controller that allows the creation of a massive commercial grade clock up to approximately 5m x 2m (200" x 80").

Of course we could never ship something this large, so you will need to work with a local sign-maker to create one of these masterpieces. They will need to do the following:
- Design and fabricate the clock face using your font specification
- Design and fabricate the internal light boxes to illuminate the words
- Obtain building approvals from the relevant council / government authorities
- Perform all internal wiring of the LED modules
- Perform all mains related wiring
- Install and commission the completed WordClock
- Provide warranty support for the final artwork

We will provide the specialised controller electronics to allow it to happen.

Included in this pack is:

- A specialised wordclock controller cased ready for mounting
- A remote control to allow you to set the time without touching the clock

Level of difficulty: 10/10 - You need a local sign maker to make this happen.

We are of course available at any time via email to assist during commissioning if you have problems.

This item is made to order and is designed to be installed by a signwriting professional. there is an approximately 8 - 10 week lead time on manufacture.

Warranty:  Because the clock is not made by us, warrants the components but we can not warrant the workmanship of the final product.  We are very happy to repair any clock controllers assuming that you ship the product to us and you are able to pay for return shipping.