Pillar Mantlepiece WordClock

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It was suggested to me that it might be interesting to make one of those beautiful clocks with the pillars just like the old analogue clocks.  That sounded like an awesome thought, so - I went away into the workshop one evening and came up with this beautiful design.  It has Pillars!!! This clock is slightly smaller than our 30cm clock - It is styled to look similar to those vintage clocks you would find over your Grandparents' fireplace.  Beautiful, unique and stylish, and available in a wonderful array of colors.

These clocks are approximately 30cm x 23cm (approx 12"  x 9").  They are about 3cm thick.  The clock also has a set of desk mounts installed on the rear.

All of our clocks are provided with an International power supply, allowing you to simply plug the clock in and use it immediately.  Power is plugged into the back of the clock, and the clock includes a built in stand to allow the clock to sit proudly.

Our clocks are hand made in Australia and shipped all over the world!