30cm Wordclock Kit

Regular price $390.00

This kit includes the Laser Cut Stencil, Acrylic enclosure components, controller kit and the LED strips as one set, providing everything you need to make your own 30cm word clock.  We pack exactly the same components that we would use for a production clock so you will have the same product.

Construction requires some experience with electronics assembly (or a wonderfully open learning attitude)   - you need to be familiar with a soldering iron and common workshop skills.  We have had people ranging from experienced electronic engineers through to Chimney Sweeps make the clocks in the past, so if you are looking for a wonderful challenge, this is a great kit to make.

Level of difficulty: 8/10

Time required: 10 - 20 hours

Expect to spend about 10 - 20 hours (or 3 - 4 evenings) to make the clock - It is not an afternoon job.  (There is a reason why the kits are significantly cheaper that a completed clock.)

We are available at any time via email to assist you if you have problems.

Assembly requires some Acrylic glue, and of course there is soldering required.


Waranty:  Because the clock is not made by us, DougsWordClock.com warrants the components but we can not warrant the workmanship of the final product.  Most kits are completed without problems, but we are very happy to repair any clock kits you have made that have not worked, assuming that you ship the product to us and you are able to pay for return shipping.