About Us

A word clock is a clock that tells the time using words. My clocks are hand made, from my own design, and my focus is on helping you to have your own unique timepiece that will be a conversation starter for years to come. I make all of the clocks that you see on this site and I am very happy to make a unique clock for you.

Whether you would like me to make a clock for you or you want to make one yourself from one of my kits, feel free to explore my website.

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Amazing completed clocks, or clock modules that encourage your own creativity, that can look as awesome as you want them to look.

Please feel free to have a browse around this site to see what options may best suit you.

Thank you for looking.


I built the Word Clock for a number of reasons, I wanted to help educate people about simple electronic design and construction, and to give more people the ability to have their own amazing, conversation inducing timepiece.

My goal is to be able to help people achieve that wonderful feeling of quiet satisfaction that comes with knowing that 'I did it myself', whether that was because you used a sub module, or simply glued up a stencil. Whatever it takes to make sure that your project is yours!


In late 2009, I saw the QLOCK2 on a hobbyists web site. I was immediately struck by its beauty, but also by its price!! I decided that I would write an article showing people how they could build their own version

I published my original Word Clock project on Instructables.com. Immediately, I started to get emails from people wanting kits or complete clocks, using my design. After considering how best to make them without infringing on any of the original intellectual property, I have been busy making clocks and supplying kits to people all over the world.

While my clocks were inspired by Qlock2, it is not fair to say that the Qlock2 was the first word clock. For many years prior to 2009, there were a few Linux screen savers that displayed the time using words, and there was of course the beautiful art piece made by Sam Buxton in Jan 2007 which showed a beautiful word clock.