About Doug

Doug's background has been in electronics and computing for about the last 30 years, and he has been professional educator for a number of years and is currently employed as a Security Consultant. He still very much enjoys making electronic projects of all forms. Most of his designs are released under the TAPR Open Hardware license, allowing others to actively re-develop them. Doug is still a Ham Radio operator, operating under the callsign VK1ZDJ, located in southern Canberra, Australia.


DougsWordClocks.com Pty Ltd (Say that quickly 3 times over... go on. :-) ) was built because Doug was making so many clocks that his accountant said "We really need to set this up properly"..  All of our clocks (including assembling the circuit boards with specialised surface mount soldering) are made right here.  Being an Australian business is really important to Doug!

We export globally, and were awarded the ACT Chief Ministers Export Award in the Microbusiness category in 2012.  In 2012 we exported over 300 clocks to the USA and Europe.

Doug very much still enjoys designing clocks for corporate board rooms, such as the massive ''Elevendy' 50x70 clock for the amazing visual art designers at elevendy.com - so if you would like to see one of his clocks in your board room, feel free to send him an email.

While most of our clients now prefer to purchase completed clocks, we still offer and fully support our kits, and Doug still enjoys the cut and thrust of helping somebody debug a fault on the other side of the planet.  He is often heard mumbling "You will never take the screwdriver out of my hand".  If only we could get him to slow down :-).