Warranty and Repairs

All of the clocks made by DougsWordClocks.com come with a standard 24 month warranty against defects.  If a fault occurs within this time, simply let me know and I will pay for shipping both ways (typically by reimbursing you for your regular shipping cost) to get the clock repaired.

After 24 months, I am still happy to repair your clock, just let me know and I will expect its arrival.  When it arrives, I will examine the problem, and if the failure is through a workmanship issue, I will repair it and return it at no charge.  If the problem is because of another issue I will let you know how much the repair will cost.

LED Lifetimes

All of the clocks made by me use high quality LED lamps.  Being quality lamps from manufacturers such as CREE, these have published reliability figures ranging from 20000 to 50000 hours.  Electrically I do everything I can to reduce the likelihood of a failure and increase LED lifespan (Things such as operating them at reduced current, using pulse width modulation to reduce heating, etc), but ultimately, LEDs do dim and failures do happen.

This is no different from any other manufacturer in the world - I am just up front about it.  Even the clocks that can cost 1500 Euros have the same LEDs  inside them.

I have been making clocks since 2009 - thats over 12 years.  I am now starting to see some early clocks coming in with reduced LED brightness.  In these cases, I am happy to either replace LED strips, or replace the LED board (Depending on the age of the clock) for a small fee + labour.

Typically, a large clock (43cm or 50cm, or Portrait Poster) would cost $250 to refurbish + postage, while a 30cm clock would be $180 + postage for a replacement mainboard.

After the refurbishment, the standard warranty starts again - I am not confident that other clock manufacturers (either expensive, or dirt cheap) would ever say that.

I literally make these, so they can always be repaired.


My clocks are made from acrylic - it is tough, and when shipped in the original packing carton can be shipped safely without damage being likely.  The original carton is a very strong, double thickness virgin board that absorbs most impacts.

And - yes - couriers and postal people are very heavy handed on cartons now.

Unfortunately, I have seen clocks returned to me being damaged because they were incorrectly packed - Simply wrapping a layer of bubble wrap and sticking it into a regular box will inevitably result in the acrylic case being damaged.

Please, if you don't have the original box, wrap the clock in 2cm of heavy duty bubble wrap - place that into a carton, wrap the carton in 2cm of bubble wrap, and place that into another, larger carton.