Triangular Clock

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A very special time piece for a very special person.

This is a totally unique product that was a collaborative effort between Joerg Pretz (a German Particle Physicist) and myself.  It is a clock that uses a weighted binary way of showing the time.  It is quirky, and I am so proud to have been able to turn it into a very attractive physical reality.

You tell the time by adding the lines together -

First Line - 6 hours
Second Line - 2 Hours
Third Line - 30 Minutes
Fourth Line - 6 Minutes
Fifth Line - Minutes

Using the information above, you can see that the clock in the picture shows 12:41.

Stylish and simplistic, this clock will attract attention and keep it!

It is 22cm Tall and  22cm Wide.

Joerg's website describing the original concept is here.